A Long Time Ago in a Place Far Away…

When demons attack, a young mage receives a mysterious weapon through an unlikely conjuration. The bad news is that no one knows how it works. With no time to waste, the mage embarks on a perilous journey to uncover its secrets, find the lost spells, and defeat the invaders to save the realm.

The fantasy RPG VR experience is set in an ancient forest inhabited by the deadly creatures of the necromancer, and the hall of legends, a large castle. Fighting skills, puzzle solving, and exploration abound in the vast virtual reality world of the Afterwoods.


  • Journey across miles and miles of a creepy forest
  • Find all the mystic chambers in the Hall of Legends
  • Collect the missing pages to the Book of Spells
  • Wield double-handed range-melee attack and spell combos
  • Solve dozens of puzzles
  • Openly navigate with a unique, point-swing locomotion system


  • Vive or Oculus compatible HMD and controllers
  • Supports seated, standing, and room scale
  • Headphones strongly recommended
  • Space to swing your arms. Some kneeling required.


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