Climbing trees got better

Recent feedback on our point-swing locomotion system has been very positive, except for navigating in trees. Quite a few testers have said it should be easier, so we made it much easier.

Some background on that: the original game focused more on climbing trees as navigational puzzles. As the game’s scope increased to include other puzzles and mechanics, the tree climbing ended up as part of a general mechanic, rather than a puzzle itself.

A red dot has also been added to where the staff is pointing, when a path to there is blocked, with voice and visual feedback indicating why. For example, this shows a limb is blocking a path to the red dot on the ground underneath.


Below, the scribbles are on the red dot itself, indicating the position is too steep to climb.

Here, the scribbles above the red dot indicate that’s the overhang is blocking access to that position.

Locomotion is a big part of the game, and anything to make it more enjoyable is a priority. Things like these can ruin an otherwise solid game. Thanks to everyone who pointed it out.

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